Visit the new i-bank Internet Banking for retail customers!

i-bank Internet Banking has changed!

Sporting a new look, and enriched with upgraded functions and more banking options, the new Internet Banking service is currently available for retail customers and, soon after, will be available for corporate customers too.

To access the new i-bank Internet Banking for retail customers, please click here.


WARNING: Find out about recent attempts to steal security codes and make sure you follow security protection guidelines.


 i-bank electronic services welcome you to Internet Banking!

  • Please visit the i-bank stores, modern multi-purpose venues based on electronic services at The Mall Athens and at Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki and check out the new features!

  • 1500 ATM / 18 18 18 / www.nbg.gr: i-bank electronic services are with you –anywhere, anytime: at home, at the office, on the road, abroad.
    Find out more about Information, Transactions and Profile / Security administration options provided via i-bank electronic services.

  • i-bank bonuses for students: Free access to i-bank Internet/ Phone/ Mobile Banking and free fund transfers, in Greece and the EU, when using a STUDENT LIFE account.

  • Smart services for Smartphones: round-the-clock access to account info and transactions via i-bank Mobile Banking using your Smartphone.

  • View security information at the Security Tab.

Transactions and Pricing
  • Transactions
    Find out about Information, Transactions and Profile /Security administration options provided via NBG’s i-bank electronic services.

  • Pricing
    When you carry out your transactions through i-bank electronic channels, you save not only time but also money:

    • Access to electronic networks Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking (delivery or replacement of the i-code device included) is free of charge.

    • Most transactions are free of charge. Those few transactions which do incur a charge (e.g. transfer of funds to other banks in Greece and the EU via Internet /Phone Banking) are normally significantly cheaper than when performed at the Bank’s counters.

    • Especially for Mobile Banking information, transactions and Market Data Feed service are free of charge. Only data rates from your wireless provider may apply. Moreover, there is no charge from NBG for downloading the i-bank Mobile Banking application.

    • As regards Phone Banking, the cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.

    • NBG Alerts will be available free of charge until 31 December 2013 to credit cardholders who are also Internet Banking users.

    For further information, click here.

Internet Banking

  • Internet Banking for retail customers
    Internet Banking brings the Bank within your reach 24 hours a day, as it provides the majority of transaction facilities available at an NBG Branch through your personal computer. For more information, click here.

  • Internet Banking for businesses
    When you choose i-bank electronic services via the Internet, you gain access to a wide variety of solutions, 24 hours a day, for instant and secure management of company accounts:
    • cash management transactions, such as: account and loan information, dues to tax authorities, utility bills, money transfers to Greece and abroad, ordering chequebooks, share trading, standing orders etc.
    • specialized banking solutions, such as: e-Factoring, Εthnofiles, payroll payments etc., at the click of a mouse.

For more information, click here.

Phone Banking


Phone Banking brings the Bank within your reach 24 hours a day, as it provides the majority of transaction facilities available at an NBG Branch by means of a simple phone call. For more information, click here.


Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking brings the Bank within your reach 24 hours a day, as it gives you access to a wide range of services and transactions, through your iPhoneTM, iPod touch®, AndroidTM or Windows Phone Smartphone device. For more information, click here.



Be informed here about the i-code device and its use at NBG’s i-bank electronic services.


Contact us


For further information or technical assistance, or to report loss of your password or i-code device simply call NBG’s Contact Center any time of the day, any day of the week:


181818 (from Greece)
+30 210 48 48 484 (from abroad)


When you hear the voice menu, say “Support” in order to be put through to one of our agents. The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.

If you prefer, you can send your question by:
- e-mail: contact.center@nbg.gr 
- fax : +30 210 48 06 865

NBG i-bank services use state-of-the-art security technology to ensure that your Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking transactions are fully protected. For further information click here.

It is important to bear in mind that you, too, share responsibility for the security of your transactions:


Be sure that you receive an e-mail from  contact.center@nbg.gr by checking the digital sign (signature) on it, which assures you for the legal sender and the correct content.
N.B.G. will never and by no means ask (either by phone, e-mail or any other form of communication) for your User ID & Password.
Do not answer to emails asking for your personal data. Please erase them immediately. In case you have already replied to such a message and have given your personal data, you are kindly requested to call immediately NBG Contact Center: 181818 (from Greece) or +30 210 48 48 484 (from abroad) and do not use the NBG Internet Banking services before contacting the above mentioned phones.
Do not misled by links that you believe will lead you to the NBG Web Portal. You should always type out the address of our web page (www.nbg.gr) yourself and never use links, which are probably sent via e-mail or published on web pages of other companies, search machines etc.

You should protect your Computer with antivirus and antispyware programs, taking care for their frequent update with the latest releases.


Please take time to read our customer security guidelines about:

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Virtual MasterCard

  • New NBG's prepaid card for carrying out transactions from a distance instantly, easily and securely. Application is available via NBG's Internet Banking.

New Alert Notification Service

  • Get alerts whenever you want, via text messages (SMS), on your credit-card transactions and the issuance of your monthly account statement. You can activate the service via the “Cards” menu. It is available only to retail customers.